torsdag 8. januar 2015

"Freedom" of speech in aljazeera Arabic

All the readers of this article have the same analysis and conclusion, at least the few who commented it. The subject is the reactions towards the terror attack against Charlie Hebdo and the freedom of Expression in Britain and the US.

I have posted a comment and was not surprised when it never showed up. I had another analysis and conclusion. I neither called all Western journalists Sionists, nor meant that murdering cartoonists was fair.
I simply defended the right and duty to critizise all symbols ot power and all religions.

My comment did not fit in Arabic aljazeera.

The story is not about one single comment. I have for many years tried to find an Arabic media that is willing to give secular and liberal Muslims some space to present our thoughts for the man and woman in the street.

Each time I have failed.

Is it a part of the explanation for the voting on the webpage? So far, 88.4 of around 500 voters mean that religious holy symbols should not be touched. To touch it is not freedom of expression.

But what is the value of the freedom of Expression if you handcuff it?

PS. It is 22.14 and I can no longer find the article. I am not sure how to explain it.
But for my readers I can assure you that my observations are correct.