tirsdag 3. mars 2015

The road to peace.. through powerfull words

Hatred against Jews is spread by words.
Words construct a fantasy universe of myths, conspiracy theories and apocalypse. They become components of nationalistic and religious songs. They exclude some people from Humanity.

Words are the most powerful weapons. They can only be challenged by words.

Words that describe the many nuances in reality, that reveal myths and show the irrational core in each conspiracy theory. Hatred can be weaken when confronted with arguments on the humanity s common fate and  the necessity of peace for both welfare and progress. Only this kind of words can silence weapons.

I will write a book. In Arabic. It is very important as it is a serious lack of such texts in a language that is spoken by tens of millions, in an area in the world where anti-Semitism has taken the ugliest forms.

Support this book project. Make it possible for me to write the powerful words that Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere sorely need to read.

Read the project description here