lørdag 18. april 2015

Sorry! No English version of the fable

I was too ambitious. The desire to make the text accessible to all who wish to read was too strong. Now I have been thinking for a few days.

No one has shown interest in cooperating with me about the English version of the Islam-critical fable. WHY? Where are you Humanists?

 I do not have the necessary expertise to translate literary texts into English.The conclusion had to be the following: I acknowledge my linguistic and time constraints. I concentrate on writing the fable in Arabic. It is aimed primarily to people who belong to the Islamic tradition and its Arabic center. That is why it is especially important that the project is completed in the language of those it is mainly written for.

With weak economic resources it does not help to wish so much and have great faith in a project. Had I been able, I would have hired a professional translator without hesitation. I would not bother about the book not bringing any income after publication if it is read by many on the internet. But it is perhaps my moral attitude, as reflected here, which is the reason for my bad economy.

I do not have commercial interests, I have for example, no advertising on my blog. Most people are incredibly little interested in supporting intellectual and cultural work. One has a strange idea that culture should be enjoyed like the ocean waves, no costs at all. But think of it: Authors do not write in dormant state, only to wake up and go to work. Writing is our job! For me it is additionally a passion and a tool to help to humanize the world.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there who think that the project is interesting and will help with anything small or large, help translating or pay a translator, please Connect with me on facebook or email: s.a.rasmussen (at)telia.com

I will be working this weekend with chapter 2. It will be published on Monday. In Arabic.