tirsdag 7. april 2015

Your death will not be in vain, O Farkhonda

Afghan mob, Muslims, surrounding Farkhounda and watching her burning

A gathering of Muslims and non-Muslims in Stockholm to honour Farkhounda and protest against violence in the name of religion 
This is my speech translated from Swedish. You can also read it in Arabic in this blog

One of the most prominent evidences of the evolution of religion and its capacity to be a part of human civilization, with its diverse expressions, is the ability to abstraction. This means a widespread understanding among believers that the holy texts and sacred symbols derive their value from the content and not their material existence.

What happened in Kabul recently, where a mob of average men in a capital city, lynched an Afghan woman by beating and kicking her until she was covered by blood, driving a car over her, throwing her from a roof, ending this savagery by burning her alive, this crime is one of many conclusive evidences that Islam regrettably has not yet reached this stage of evolution.

What has the poor woman, Farkhonda, done to deserve such a terrible end of her life?

The accusation that led to the heinous act is that she had burned the Koran. Afghan officials, some clerics and many Muslims have condemned the crime against Farkhunda on the grounds that the charge was false. Farkhonda did not burn the Koran. I ask them and the world´s Muslims today: Is the case different if we assume that the charge was true? Does it justify the brutal murder?

What if I had followed my strong desire today? What if I brought with me the copi of Koran that I own, which is one of millions, no billions of copies which are found in all parts of the world, and burned in front of you here, now?

I ask: Does it make me deserve the horrible treatment that Farkhonda went through?

The persons who would answer: "Yes, you would have deserved this punishment" can be counted to tens and hundreds of thousands. Their religion is narrow and their crimes have become many. The brutal action: killing an innocent woman in such primitive ways that one can hardly find words to describe, is not their first act of violence.

They have for a long time used women and children as a human shield of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

They have burned a Jordanian Muslim man inside an iron cage in Syria.

In Iraq they have beheaded dozens and killed thousands of Muslims and non-Muslims belonging to different states, ethnic groups and religions.

In Kenya they have committed a bloody massacre against Christian university students.

These terrorists can only see a religion´s withered and dead skin without ever understanding the deep meaning. They are only aware of the message of primitive violence. And they are not only some marginal groups.

Fanatic readings of the Koran have started a fire in the house of Islam.

Today we, who are born in the Islamic civilization, are hostages in a burning house, surrounded of extremists.

Our house is burning under our feet! If we don´t make hard efforts in extinguishing the fire, we risk that the fundament of Islamic civilization will be destroyed in front of us.

What has happened to Farkhonda is not a transient event in a remote place. What has happened affects me and affects you, threatens me and threatens you.

Let's announce today that her death was not in vain.

Let's Farkhonda´s death be a call to defend life and dignity, and a reminder of the need to work on creating an enlightened Islam.

Let's reclaim the right to define Islam from the grip of extremists and fanatics who commit sins every day against both God and man, in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Nigeria and other countries in East and West. The extremists have different names: IS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, al-Shabab, Hamas, Boko Haram or a fanatic mob.

Today we are confident, after what we have seen and heard of evil of them all, that this unsacred extremism, regardless of name, flag and banner, represents a big threat to humanity and civilization both in Muslim countries and all over the world.

We are gathered here today to pledge to Farkhonda and to all the victims of this religious fanaticism, spontaneous or organized, that we will stand in the face of the threat.

There is no place for violence and terrorism in the future. Those who carry the sword, the gun and the flame of hatred, should leave the convoy.


The president for The Afghan Ministry for Religious Affairs, Abdul Rahman Ahmadzai, had this declaration:

If this woman was against the holy Koran and had done it deliberately, and if she was at the same time a non Muslim believer, then we would justify the action of the people.

This action!!


The video contains terrible pictures. 18+