torsdag 19. september 2013

An utmost serious chat

I've been looking at the yellow pages and other catalogues. Information 180 tends to advertise that they have all kinds of imaginable information. But when I called yesterday and asked for the Prophet Muhammad's email address, there was silence in the line. After a while the lady admitted that the company unfortunately didn´t have this information. It did not help that I gave her the person's full name and occupation.

I'm not so naive that I 'm sitting and waiting for an answer to my letters to Islamic institutions.
I have sent letters to the East and the West. They were written, some were visual and oral. They were delivered personally, sent by mail or electronic mail, with and without roses. Now it´s some years since the first letter was sent.
I have never received as little as a formal brief acknowledgment of receipt letter.

The last letter will most probably meet the same fate. And I completely understand that. It´s busy in this world. The religious scholars receive thousands of letters every week with questions that have a higher priority than my questions. It´s obvious that a question from a believing woman about the permissibility to color her hair or nip eyebrows, or whether or not a believing man that has a demanding job can postpone prayers until he has finished the job, or if a congregation in a northern district should break the fast before the sun has fallen as late as at 23, are urgent cases to deal with. Fundamental questions about the general ethical principles of Islam, hudud-punishments, the relationship between the sexes and reform thinking are, understandable enough, issues that can wait. There is no abruptness.
It is also possible that such issues resolve itself over time and without any of the scholars using energy.

Everyone has their weaknesses.
My weakness is that I'm impatient. So instead of waiting in vain for a response from the Muslim scholars, I´lll take the matter to a higher authority. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has had an observer position ever since he moved out of the earth. He lives in paradise, in an unknown place in the universe, possibly a green planet where there is no oil or gas.
But with today's highly developed communication technology, it can´t be difficult to exchange emails or maybe SMS despite the great distance.

The only thing that´s needed to start a most serious and important chat with the prophet is to get his email address or mobile number.
I'll keep searching. Possibly I get information in a dream if I pray hard.
But I also ask the public for help. There are really some important questions to ask.

If you happen to have the Prophet's contact information or know someone who has it, please let me know.
My email address is

Thank you in advance !